Videos can be stored either in the media folder of the instructor computer or added individually through your instructor account. To choose a video, click SELECT VIDEO from the instructor console and choose an instructor. 

Media Folder:

Videos can be added locally to the instructor computer. At the time of install, a video directory is selected (or created if one does not yet exist) is selected for Stages Flight. By default, the folder is set to: C:\video. Any videos added to this directory will be shown in all instructor profiles within the club. Videos added to your instructor profile will also be shown under your instructor profile in this section. 

Search Internet:

Videos can also be chosen from other Internet sources and viewed as the primary display or behind the gauges during the workout. To choose an internet video:

  1. Click the INTERNET button from the instructor console.
  2. Enter a website or chose from populate sites listed below.
  3. When the site is chosen, it will be loaded onto the main group display screen (not the instructor computer). Use this window to search for the video.
  4. Click the video you would like to play and use the full screen icon to expand the video.
    - If you do not want to hear the audio on the video, use the mute button within the video player. 
  5. Return to the instructor screen and choose either GAUGE + WWW to show the gauges over the video or WWW to show only the video. 

Saved Videos in Instructor Profile:

To add personal video content from the web (YouTube), log in to Stages Flight and go to Instructor > Videos. From here, you can search YouTube for video and save it to your account. Upon the next refresh of the video section on the instructor console, saved videos will load under your instructor profile.