Within your Stages Flight account, you are able to lock in your heart rate monitor's ANT+ sensor ID into your account so that it is automatically detected within your Stages Flight classes.  The sensor ID is a 4-5 digit number that tells Stages Flight which heart rate data to associate with your account. Since this number is not printed on many devices, there are a few options to best locate the sensor ID number for your heart rate monitor. 

  1. Your club administrator or Stages Flight instructor may use the Stages Flight/VismoX ID Searcher application
  2. If you use your HR strap with a Garmin device, such as a fitness watch or bike computer, you may look up the sensor ID within the device settings. The sensor ID location varies from device to device, but should be found under the sensor list or within the HR pairing screen.
  3. ANT+ compatible mobile phones can see the ANT+ ID using compatible fitness apps, such as Wahoo Fitness or Strava. Follow the app's instructions to add a new sensor and the 4-5-digit ID should be visible from the pairing screen. 
    • Note: For iPhones and iOS devices, an ANT+ adapter is required to use ANT+. For many Android devices, ANT+ may be built into your phone and not require any adapters to use this function.