The rider gauge shown on the group display in Stages Flight can be custom configured to show the items you'd like to see during your class. To set up these fields:

  1. Log in to your Stages Flight account.
  2. Click the drop-down next to your email address in the upper right corner and select Settings. 
  3. Select Gauge Configuration from the settings sidebar.
  4. Choose which type of main field to display (HR or Power %) and what secondary items to display.

Note: If you are viewing the Stages Flight website on a mobile device, please click View Standard Site at the bottom of the page to view these page options. 

Secondary gauge fields lie above and below the main gauge field

Main Field:

  • The main field can display % of Max HR or % of FTP. For classes using power meters, % of FTP is preferable. 

Secondary fields:

  • Select as many items as you'd like to see for the secondary fields
  • Items in the left column show at the top of the gauge, while items in the right column show at the bottom of the gauge
  • If you choose more than one item per column, the items will toggle based on the time setting under Time between switch

Note: If no items are selected for either secondary gauge, it will be blank on the display.