Handicap mode makes it possible for a class with a wide range of abilities to participate in a competition on a more level playing field. By using handicap mode, all class participants are given a virtual FTP and their output will be based on a percentage of their actual FTP. This allows users to effectively compete based on percentage of FTP, rather than raw power output. 


The winner of the competition will be closely tied to the percentage put out by the rider on the gauge. When starting handicap mode, you will enter a FTP value (or select a mode, Amateur (Normal) 250W / Elite (Fast) 400W / Pro (Super Fast) 500W) and this value will be multiplied by the user's percentage on the gauge. For example, if Rider A and Rider B are both doing 105% of their personal FTP, they will be given the same power output and move at the same/similar speed. This means that even a rider with less power has a fair chance of competing and whoever does the highest relative effort will win.

To turn on handicap mode:

  1. Load a competition by clicking on ADD PROFILE/ROUTE.
  2. Click on the HCP icon.
  3. Enter a FTP value or select from Amateur (Normal) 250W / Elite (Fast) 400W / Pro (Super Fast) 500W
    - Note that if your profile contains hills, the higher the FTP, the faster the class participants will climb

  4. Select confirm to save your setting.