It is a best practice to test your videos before using them in class. Even if a video works on the YouTube web player, it might not work on your Stages Flight machine. Video providers may impose restrictions on playing their videos within 3rd party apps (such as Stages Flight), which may result in them working one week, then not playing in another.

To add a video to your Stages Flight class, click SELECT VIDEO from the Stages Flight Control app and choose an instructor. Available videos will appear in the window. Click on a video to select it. 

Media Folder:

For optimum performance, store videos in the media folder on the instructor computer. At the time of install, a video directory is selected (or created if one does not yet exist) for Stages Flight videos. By default, the folder is set to C:\video. Copy the video you want to use to this folder. Any videos added to this directory will be shown in all instructor folders within the club. 

Instructor Folder:

Videos can be added individually through your instructor account, however, this method is not always reliable. Be sure you check that the video will play on your Stages Flight machine before class.

To add YouTube videos to your instructor folder:

  1. Log in to and go to Instructor > Video.
  2. In the "Search YouTube" field, type the name of the video that you want to use or type a topic to search, such as Tour de France.
  3. Click on the ADD button next to the video.

  4. Type in a name for the video. 

  5. Click on the SAVE VIDEO button.

  6. The video will appear in your list of videos.

  7. When you log in to the Stages Flight Control app at your location, you might need to click on the REFRESH button for the video to load to your instructor folder.