Use Stages Studio PRO to combine your plan and video, and create an easy-to-use Experience for on-demand access, auto-start classes, or use in the remote control. 

To create an experience:

  1. Log in to using your instructor credentials.
  2. Scroll down the left-hand side menu, and click on EXPERIENCES under the INSTRUCTOR tab.
  3. Select CREATE EXPERIENCE in the upper right corner.
  4. Fill in the field for the experience name.
  5. Type in a description of the experience that the members will see.
  6. Click on ADD TAGS, select the tags that identify the experience, then click on APPLY.
  7. Using the drop-down menu, choose the experience type: POWER CYCLING, HEART RATE, OR RHYTHM CYCLING.
  8. Toggle on AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND. Leave this toggled off if you don’t want the experience to be available immediately
  9. Click on the PLUS SIGN to add the instructor. Start typing their name in the search field, and click on the name when it appears.
  10. Click on the PLUS SIGN to add a plan. Select the plan to add it to the experience, then select ADD.
  11. Click on the PLUS SIGN to add a video. Check the box for the video, then click on ADD TO EXPERIENCE.
  12. Click on the PLUS SIGN to add an image to represent the experience. Select the image from your files. If you don’t select an image, the image shown on the video will be used.
  13. Select ADVANCED OPTIONS to enter the Spotify playlist link that you used on your video. This is for reference only.
  14. Click on CREATE. The experience appears on the dashboard.
  15. To edit the Experience, click on it, and then select the PENCIL ICON.
  16. Make any changes, then click on SAVE
  17. If you made the experience available for on-demand access, click on the ON-DEMAND tab to view the experience.