Class leaderboards are a fun way to motivate and inspire your riders. The Club Admin can configure leaderboards for Power Cycling, Rhythm Cycling, or Heart Rate class types for their club using Stages Studio PRO and BOOST. Display up to six metrics for Power Cycling and Rhythm Cycling leaderboards, including total workout time, total distance, total calories burned, average power, average speed, and more. Heart Rate leaderboards will display the total calories burned. Display all riders or only the top riders in a class. Riders can set their rankings to private if they wish to opt-out of class rankings.

When the class is finished, the instructor can display the class leaderboards on the studio screen so riders can view the results.

To display the class leaderboards in the studio after class:

  1. Click on the MENU icon.
  2. Click on the END CLASS button.
  3. Click END to confirm you want to end the class.
  4. Click on the SETTINGS icon.
  5. Scroll down to DISPLAY SETTINGS, and toggle ON (blue) DISPLAY CLASS LEADERBOARDS.
  6. The studio screen will display the leaderboard metrics, as set by the Club Admin.
  7. When ready, toggle OFF (gray) this option, then click on LOG OUT.