Updated features and schedule views make it easy for club admins to create class schedules for their facility and book riders using Stages Studio scheduler.

If a club uses a CRM, the class schedule will be built using the CRM and brought into StagesCloud.com through the integration.

Create a class schedule using Stages Studio scheduler from Stages Indoor Cycling on YouTube.


How to create a class schedule

  1. Log in to StagesCloud.com using Club Admin credentials.
  2. Scroll down the menu on the left-hand side, and click on Scheduler under ADMIN.
  3. The scheduler dashboard shows the calendar for your location. If you are a Club Admin at multiple clubs, select the location from the drop-down menu to view the schedule.
  4. Click on the buttons to view the calendar by Week or Month. Use the arrows to scroll to the previous or next week or month. When the schedule is populated, the sidebar shows the classes scheduled each day.
  5. Click on CREATE CLASS.
  6. Fill in the class information:
    • Type in the Class name.
    • Add a description for the class.
    • Add Tags - click to choose the filter characteristics that apply to the class. Click on APPLY.
    • Click in the Starts * field, then scroll to add the start day and time in the pop-up menu. Click on SET.

    • Type in the number of minutes for the class in the Duration * field, or click in the Ends * field and scroll to the end time in the pop-up menu, then click SET. The other field will automatically update.

    • Select the Room * from the drop-down menu. Many locations have only one room.
    • Select the Class type *; Power cycling, Heart rate, or Rhythm cycling.
    • Choose how often the class repeats from the Repeats drop-down menu, then set the Repeat until * or end date for the class in the pop-up calendar. Click on SET. Review the number of classes created, then click CONFIRM.
  7. Next are four toggles to set. Toggle ON (blue) or OFF (gray).
    • Virtual class - if your club offers live streaming or on-demand classes, toggle ON to make the class available.
    • Set the opening time for booking - to set a day and time when booking opens for riders to book a bike for the class, toggle ON. In the pop-up menu, scroll to the day, hours, and minutes for booking to open, then click SET.
    • Auto-start - toggle ON to have the class start automatically.
    • Custom layout - toggle ON, then select what is visible on the screen at the start of class; Video, Gauges, Plan, Target, or Timers. Click on each item to turn it on or off.
  8. Default Gauge - click on the gauge icon and select from nine gauges to make visible at the start of class. If the class is a rhythm cycling class, select the compliance gauge for the riders to receive their post-workout compliance score.
  9. Click on the (+) Icon to add the following to the class.
    • Instructor - start typing the instructor name in the search field, then click on the name to add them to the class.
    • Add Competition - select a competition from the pop-up menu to add it.
    • Add Experience - select an experience from the pop-up menu to add it. 
    • Add Plan - select a plan from the pop-up menu to add it. 
    • Add Video - select a video from the pop-up menu to add it. 
    • Add Image - select a .png file to add an image behind the class information on the schedule and booking tab. 
  10. Advanced options - add the Spotify playlist link that goes with the plan.
  11. Click on SAVE at the bottom of the class to your schedule.

How to book a rider into class

  1. Use the daily class schedule in the sidebar to locate the class to add a rider to.
  2. The number of bikes and how many bikes are booked are visible.
  3. Click on the class to open it. On the right-hand side, the booked riders and their reserved bikes are shown.
  4. Click on ADD BOOKING.
  5. From the pop-up list of members, locate the rider's name and click BOOK.
  6. Select the bike number to book for them, then click BOOK USER.
  7. The rider is added to the class and is shown on the list with their reserved bike.
  8. Click on the X to return to the Scheduler.

How to edit, delete or copy a class schedule

  1. From the weekly, monthly, or daily schedule, click on the class to edit.
  2. In the upper right corner click on the three vertical dots.
  3. From the drop-down menu select Edit class, Edit recurrence, Delete class, or Copy class.
    Note: to edit the class date, start time, or duration, delete the old class and create a new one.
  4. Make the changes, then click SAVE.